‘MY™’ introduces India’s first triple action filter mask made of Activated carbon and copper

Bengaluru, 30th January 2021: ’MY™’ known for India’s first UV One pocket sanitizer and UV Safe, launched ‘MY’ Series 1 Anti-Pollution Mask India’s first triple action filter anti-pollution masks that wipes out the pollutants, poisonous gases (Sox and NOx) and all known bacteria and viruses with the built-in filters made of Activated Carbon and Copper.

The MY Mask is tested to sustain for 180 days or 6 months with just one wash cycle per week. ‘MY’ masks are focused on creating a pandemic resistant world and aim to do that by helping people understand the importance of wearing a mask and help transition to the new normal without having to sacrifice or give up anything.

‘MY’ masks are priced at 199, the product is available on http://www.myprotection.in

About MY™:

‘MY™’, a company based out of Coimbatore, designs, manufactures and produces Indian-made safety products and services with Innovation, Design and Sustainability at its core. Along with UV One Pocket Sanitizer, the company has products like UV Safe Tabletop Sanitizer, Antiviral Protection Masks, Scarves and Overalls. Their manufacturing facility is located in Coimbatore, Bangalore and Tirupur.


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