*A New Citizens’ Movement is Born*

Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP), with an exclusive focus on Bengaluru
and BBMP, to contest in all 198 wards for the upcoming BBMP elections and
bring good governance to the city *

*Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party introduces twenty active and passionate
citizens of Bengaluru as Prospective Corporator Candidates*

*Bengaluru, February 29th: *Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP), a unique
political party with an exclusive focus on Bengaluru and BBMP, held a rally
at Freedom Park where several of its leaders articulated the party’s focus
on grassroots issues of Bengaluru. The party showcased its model of
governance for Bengaluru, which included manifestos on fundamental issues
like Solid Waste Management, Pourakarmikas, Animal Welfare, Storm Water
Drains, Lakes, Trees, Roads, Potholes etc. The party also introduced around
twenty active and passionate citizens of Bengaluru as prospective
Corporator candidates. The party plans to contest in all 198 wards of
Bengaluru in the BBMP elections.

Addressing the Rally, Shri. Srikanth Narasimhan, General Secretary, BNP
said, “BNP will represent all stakeholders of the city including trees,
lakes, animals, environment and people belonging to all strata of the
society. We already have a presence across the city in almost 100 wards
with thousands of volunteers already supporting us. Through a combination
of good Corporators, grassroots-focused manifestos and
transparency-oriented approach, we are confident of solving the fundamental
issues faced by Bengaluru today. We warmly welcome passionate citizens of
the city to join BNP and help restore the beauty and pride of Bengaluru.
This is our city, our pride, our responsibility!”

Shri. Subbu Hegde, Treasurer & Governing Council Member, BNP said, “Active
and passionate citizens of Bengaluru have been primarily responsible for
helping manage various crises that the city has been facing, including
garbage management, water management, sewage management, lake management
and pothole management. BNP has been formed by such citizens from various
citizens groups in the city and is a party of, by and for the citizens of

Shri. Badri Narayanan, Executive Committee Member for Manifesto and Ward
Leader for BNP in Koramangala*, *speaking about the party’s focus on
grassroots issues, said, “Our aim is to implement KEmpegowda’s vision for
Bengaluru. In today’s Bengaluru, pourakarmikas are treated badly, apartment
dwellers are harassed, slum dwellers live in pathetic conditions, roads are
filled with potholes, garbage is in a mess, storm water drains are stinking
and lakes are frothing. BNP’s promise to the city is that we will work
positively and proactively towards addressing the issues faced by citizens
of Bengaluru through good governance right at the grassroots, in addition
to bringing accountability and transparency in the system.”

Smt. Lalithamba BV, Executive Committee Member, BNP, talking about the
importance of competent & professional Corporators, said, “Bengaluru today
needs active citizens as Corporators who will work for the citizens rather
than working for themselves. In wards reserved for women, we need competent
ladies rather than wives of backdoor Corporators who are remotely
controlled. The need of the hour is accountable Corporators who constitute
proper Ward Committees, engage with citizens and spend the BBMP budget of
Rs. 10,000 crores in an appropriate and transparent manner. BNP commits to
identifying good, competent and passionate citizens to contest Corporator
elections, who in turn commit to bringing good grassroots governance to the

The rally witnessed the participation of thousands of people from all walks
of life.

List of potential

*FOR MORE INFORMATION – *https://nammabnp.org/

*About Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party:* Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP) is a
unique political party with an exclusive focus on Bengaluru and BBMP. The
party has been formed by passionate and active citizens of Bengaluru who
have tirelessly been working at the grassroots level in the areas of solid
waste management, water conservation, wastewater management, roads,
education, healthcare etc. BNP is a party of, by and for the citizens of
Bengaluru with focus on good grassroot governance, transparency and
accountability. Our vision is to give shape to Kempegowda’s vision of
making Bengaluru a model city for our country.

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