Registration for The Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 closes shortly in 47 countries

  • Unique opportunity for candidates to step into the shoes of business leaders in 47 countries across the Adecco Group’s global network
  • Real-world experience to ignite young people’s aspirations and careers
  • One candidate will be chosen as the ‘Global CEO for One Month’, working alongside, the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze
  • Make it to the ten global finalists; travel to London for an international boot camp

Bangalore, April 03, 2019: Now in its sixth year as a global programme the registration for the ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 programme is open for young people all over the world. The CEO for One Month programme is designed to give young people the hands-on work experience they need to build their careers – offering ‘real-world’ training that cannot be gained in school or university.

The India finalist will complete a national ‘CEO for One Month’ assignment, shadowing Mr Marco Valsecchi, Country Manager & MD, The Adecco Group India. The selected Indian candidate will receive a remuneration of Rs 1, 60,000.

Following this, ten of these talented country ‘CEO for one month’ candidates will be further selected to attend a rigorous boot camp to test their collaboration and innovation skills and to learn about themselves and the world of work. Only one will then be selected to work alongside The Adecco Group Global CEO, Alain Dehaze, for one month. In addition to the experience, he/she will also receive a remuneration of 15,000 euros.

This programme is an ideal launching pad for personal and professional development. The selected Global ‘CEO for One Month’ gains experience in running a multinational company with 34,000 employees. Since 2015, the ‘CEO for One Month’ Program has grown from 32,000 to 204,000 applicants in 2018. This year, the programme has attracted 18,000+ applicants from 260+ colleges in India alone. Students from premier institutions such as IIMs and IITs have also applied to this year’s edition. Registrations will close shortly in mid-April and the number of applicants is expected to be well over 20,000. The country level bootcamp will kick off around mid-May. The India finalist is expected to embark on his/her internship in June.

On completion of their internship, country *CEOs for one month can apply for an opportunity to be the Global *CEO for one month. This entails multiple assignments and a selection process which finally enlists the top 10 finalists who will be then invited to London for a rigorous boot camp in mid-September.

Commenting on the programme, Marco Valsecchi, Managing Director, The Adecco Group India said, “CEO for One Month challenge has been running for 6 years, with each year seeing increasing interest from young students globally to participate. It is not every day that you get a chance to learn from the leaders of a Fortune 500 company. Often, internships lack real industry experience. Students tend to approach it as just a mandatory requirement for course completion and corporates do not see the value in investing time and effort in a student that will be working with them for 1-2 months. This internship has been designed such that the finalist will have the chance to personally experience the innermost workings of a company where you can meet and work with CXOs, department heads, team managers, specialist consultants and other employees. This programme will be a meaningful journey for the finalist who will receive on the job training and unlimited exposure, that would have been otherwise unavailable in a regular internship. This will inspire them to aim for the top as they progress in their careers. On the other hand, we at Adecco will gain from the fresh perspective offered by these youngsters.”

To participate, candidates should apply via The Adecco Group CEO for One Month website. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview and further assessment in their own country. The position includes a salary intended to support the successful candidate’s education and/or professional development. Selected ‘CEOs for One Month’ will receive ongoing guidance and professional opportunities, becoming part of a global network

About ‘CEO for One Month’

The ‘CEO for One Month’ programme began as a local initiative in Norway in 2011 and was formalised in to a global programme in 2014, since growing in to a flagship initiative for the Adecco Group under the Adecco Group Foundation. It helps young people increase their employability and career prospects through highly effective work-based learning. The programme operates under the Adecco Group Foundation which aims to improve work readiness of young people and other underserved populations who struggle to enter the workforce. Applications for the 2018 programme exceeded 204,000.


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