In Silence the secret speaks – Narrative performance by Seema Kohli on 13th August, 2017 hosted by NGMA at National Gallery of Modern art (NGMA) 6.00pm onwards.

In Silence the Secret Speaks is the poetic narration of eternal existence, expressed in three superfluous motifs of the poet, who is narrator, who is Seema, the artist and hence the creator who lays down the bricks to the mystical ways of the real and surreal. The weaver who spins the eternal loom of life, the cloth which we embody as first robe to the shroud. And the dancer, the spirit that moves within us, balancing on the high beam of creation vis a vis destruction. The universe created by Seema in the confluence of these three forms in synergy with each other through thought, expression and universal tangled engagement is an exhilarating experience to witness by itself. 
Accompanying Seema Kohli in this performance by the mirror pool at NGMA at Bangalore is Lokesh Bhardwaj, Bharatanatyam dancer and recipient of the prestigious Charles Wallace scholarship. The performance will include a woven art piece from the mills of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh by Mohammed Salim facilitated by the Raj Art Initiative, which hopes to resynchronize the material clock back to its humanistic origins where product, processes and people all emerge as winners in the global design matrix of endless possibility.
DATE: 13th August 2017

TIME: 6.00pm onwards


               #49, Palace Road, Manikyavelu Mansion

               Bangalore 560052


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