Headed towards cashless economy: Only 10% of Indian would prefer to pay for their holiday by cash- Yatra Survey

56% travelers say that GST has adverselyaffected their preference for luxury accommodation

Bengaluru, August 08, 2017: Yatra.com, one of India’s leading online travel portals, conducted their annual monsoon survey which brings into spotlight the changes in the way Indian travelers are planning to holiday this monsoon.  Back in the day monsoon was considered as a traditional lean period for travel, but with nearly 81 per cent respondents planning to travel during monsoon, it validates that Indian travellers’ travel patterns are evolving. Another major finding from the survey showcases that 69% people would prefer to travel by air rather than travel by road to escape the hustle bustle of the season.

As an impact of GST, the survey revealed that a significant number of 56% of the respondents said that their preference of luxury travel has beenadversely affected as against 48% who were willing to spend more than Rs.50, 000 per person on travelwhich was revealed in Yatra’s annual summer survey2017. One of the key observations derived out of themonsoon survey was also that a whopping number of 43.5% respondents are willing to spend Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 5,000 on accommodation per night. While a majority of 47.2% of the respondents are looking to travel for 1-4 days, 45.9% of the people are planning their vacation for almost 15 days. This indicates that monsoon travel has gradually become a popular travel season.

As a result of the frequent airline flash sales, more than 37% respondents booked their tickets at least 1-3months in advance. Monsoon also seems to be the family bonding time with over 76% respondents looking to go for family vacation. Almost 73% people are seeking unique experiences in India over holidaying at international destinations. While Goa and Munnar continue to be the prominent choice, north eastern destinations have emerged amongst the top choices of travellers this monsoon. The survey also finds that 43% Indians believe that relaxation during holidays is the key reason to travel, underlining the urban Indian’s need to escape the grind of everyday lifeThe findings further suggest that a swooping 80% people prefer to make payments via plastic money. With 57% responding opting for ‘staycation’ during long weekends, the survey reveals a mini boom in this category.

Commenting on the findings from the survey, Mr. Sharat Dhall, COO (B2C), Yatra.com says, “Individuals, these days, are taking more frequent vacations to unwind from their daily routine. It is very encouraging to see that once what was labelled as an off season is now becoming a popular travel period especially due to the upcoming long weekends. We have also seen an increased demand for newer destinations this monsoon with places like Kerala and Andaman & Nicobar Islands making it to our top five domestic destinations. While luxury travel has experienced a hit due to GST, we expect things to be back to normal soon.”


An interesting finding reveals that Mumbai is the one destination that 35.6% people would avoid visiting in monsoons. Over 40% respondents would not leave for a relaxing vacation without umbrella/raincoat this monsoon.

Key Highlights:

       To escape the mundane of city life, this monsoon 72.8% people would like to opt for exotic locations in India

       With the implication of GST, the preferable budget for monsoon remains Rs.10,000-Rs.25,000 for over 30% of travellers

       With 28% being levied on luxury hotels, 43.5% travellers are willing to spend between Rs.2,500-Rs.5,000

       Over 60% travellers would like to indulge in family vacations during monsoon

       Post GST announcement, 3-4 star hotels are preferred by over 30% travellers

       Leisure activities remain the favorite activity for over 40% travellers

       For vacations, 80% travellers would like to pay through card (debit or credit)

       Goa is the top most favored destination for travelers opting domestic destination and Europe for travelers looking at international options

       Over 40% Travellers would not leave for a relaxing vacation without umbrella/raincoat this monsoon

       For 56.2% travelers, their luxury vacation plans have been affected by the introduction of GST in the country

       Mumbai is the one destination that 35.6% travellers would avoid visiting in monsoons

       During long weekend, 57.2% travellers would like to opt for staycation over trekking or biking

       Samosa with chai remains the ideal monsoon snack for 35.3% Indians


About Yatra Online, Inc and Yatra Online Pvt Ltd


Yatra Online, Inc is the parent company of Yatra Online Pvt Ltd which is based in Gurgaon, India and is one of India’s leading online travel companies and operates the website Yatra.com. The company provides information, pricing, availability, and booking facility for domestic and international air travel, domestic and international hotel bookings, holiday packages, buses, trains, in city activities, inter-city and point-to-point cabs, homestays and cruises. As a leading platform of accommodation options, Yatra provides real-time bookings for more than 64,500 hotels in India and over 500,000+ hotels around the world.


Customers can access Yatra in multiple ways: through a user-friendly website, mobile optimised WAP site and applications, a multi-lingual call centre, a countrywide network of Holiday Lounges and Yatra Travel Express stores.

Launched in August 2006, Yatra was ranked the Most Trusted e-Commerce Travel Brand in India in the Economic Times Brand Equity Survey 2016 for the second successive year, and has won the award for ‘First Prize – Domestic Tour Operator (Rest of India)’ at the India Tourism Awards held in July 2016.



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