Nav Bharat Party invites Lord Yama Dharma to launch Wire Free Bengaluru Campaign

Yamatantiyinda Mukti, Wire Free Bengaluru – Justice for Cavin and Stephen.

Unfortunately on June 21st 2017, Cavin William, a young 16 year old student from Bengaluru, got in contact with un-insulated electric wire and suffered 3rd degree burns.Both of his limbs have to be amputated and he is fighting for life due to negligence of the concerned authorities.

Within 15days of the Cavin’s incident, another boy was electrocuted at K.G.Halli Bengaluru. On July 13, 2017, a boy named Stephen got in contact with un-insulated electric wire and suffered 3rd degree burns while playing in the road and lost his life on 19/07/2017.

Taking this into serious consideration Nav Bharat Democratic Party launches campaign named “Wire Free Bengaluru” to make sure that this kind of unfortunate incidents never happen in future.

The Party had invited the character of lord “Yamadharma” to launch the campaign and he then met BBMP and BESCOM officials to make them understand the citizen’s concern.

Speaking at the launch event Anil Shetty, National President of the Nav Bharat raised the issue of illegal OFC lines and BESCOM power connections. He also called for a public audit of these wires and urged the BBMP to remove unauthorised wires hanging all over the city which have caused threat to safety of citizens. He also said if you take a aerial view of Bengaluru it looks like whole city is tied by the wires. That kills the beauty of our garden city.

Nav Bharat members urged BESCOM to give full compensation to deceased Stephen and reimburse hospital bill of Cavin.

Wire Free Bengaluru will be an ongoing campaign by Nav Bharat Democratic Party which is aiming to clean Bengaluru city and reinstate its beauty.


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