Don’t be a spectator and kick-start your college life with Bausch and Lomb iConnect contact lenses

Bangalore, July 19, 2017: The grueling process of college admissions is well under way. In almost no time, the session would commence and thousands of school pass outs would enter a world that has no resemblance to the simpler times at school. This is a period that can be both underwhelming and overwhelming for a teenager. 

The college life marks the beginning of a life that seeks approvals and acceptance. Everything that college-goers do is somewhere related to their need to get accepted in the larger scheme of things. However this is also the time when insecurities and other complexes creep in. Appearance in terms of looks, sense of style and dressing sensibilities play a major part in these insecurities.  

It has been quite some time that spectacles have been considered as uncool. A bespectacled person has often been at the center of ridicule. Appearance apart, spectacles are cumbersome. A person is often reduced to being a spectator while others enjoy a day of activities. 

College serves as a platform for carving out an identity for yourself. Getting along and being participative goes a long way in deciding the course of your college-life. So get rid of those glasses and step up your game with Bausch & Lomb’s iConnect Youth contact Lens targeting young Indians, allowing them to look sharp and get noticed. Designed specifically for the youth, these lens are easy to handle, comfortable to use and will suit both your pocket and personality. 

The path to look your best just got simpler. So, switch to these affordable range of contact lens (available at only Rs. 200/month*) and never be a spectator again!


*Condition apply

About Bausch and Lomb:

Bausch and Lomb is the market leader in contact lenses and lens care solutions in India. The company has a global history spanning more than 150 years and has always been dedicated to protecting and enhancing the gift of sight for millions of people around the world. Our world class contact lens offerings span the entire spectrum of wearing modalities and include such well-known brand names as PureVision, Soflens and Lacelle in the coloured contact lenses segment.


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