IGNIS Drive Challenge

Bangalore, 30th June 2017: –Ignis is India’s first premium urban compact car. Defying the typical code of automotive design, Ignis is a unique offering for the millennial youth who themselves seek to express their uniqueness.


In the spirit of creating uniqueness, all initiatives by Ignis have been different across platforms, be it the launch at an EDM concert, its campaigns or associations like Youtube FanFest. Now, we have an opportunity to make a test drive experience unconventional & memorable.


To provide an Ignis experience to consumers instead of a regular test drive, we conceived the IGNIS DRIVE CHALLENGE where the actual car is turned into a controller in a virtual game!


The gamification of the test drive experience gets consumers involved in a very different way from the usual test drive experience.


The design of the game is based on two riders taking the driving seat of two actual Ignis, where the car becomes the controller to play the game of air hockey! Yes, you read that correctly. Motion sensors are placed on both cars and a big screen is placed on a stage in front of the cars to showcase the game play.A puck on the screen moves from one player to other, and players are expected to drive their Ignis back and forth to hit the puck. Now this is a unique test drive experience!


The objective of the game – besides the fun of it all – was to get drivers to experience the car’s acceleration, throttle response, braking abilities and the ease of using the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission.


The Ignis is available exclusively at Nexa showrooms and comes loaded with features. It has the 1.2-litre VVT petrol and 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine options. AGS is available with both the petrol and diesel engine trims. The petrol option is further available in 4 different variants while the diesel comes in 3 trims. The company offers the Ignis in 9 different colour combinations along with interesting personalisation options to choose from.




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