Police Commissioner Shri Praveen Sood urges people to understand the law and not be ignorant





Photo Caption Left to Right – Mr. Danish Sait – Radio Host & TV Presenter, Student Ms. Nina KaronMs. Geeta Menon -Women Activist, Ms. Faye D’Souza, Executive Editor of MIRROR NOW, MrPraveen Sood – Police Commissioner &Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao – Spokesperson from the Ruling Dispensation & the Working President of Karnataka Congress at the Urban Debate event in BengaluruPolice Commissioner Shri Praveen Sood says “Every woman, man of this city can approach us via any medium with their problem and we will solve it. 

I urge people to understand the law and not be ignorant!”


Bengaluru, June 21, 2017: MIRROR NOW, a channel that fights for you and channelizes its focus on issues that impact you every day, today launched ‘The Urban Debate: Young India Debate’, an on-ground extension of their flagship property ‘The Urban Debate’. Whether it is about safety for women at workplace or championing the cause of stranded students, a prime-time debate show The Urban Debate, has made relentless efforts and has driven results for the people.


India’s first consumer news channel, MIRROR NOW, for the first time took one of its most popular shows, The Urban Debate, right into its viewers’ backyards in Bengaluru. Taking the aim of the channel forward, the Young India Debate is designed to take place across 7 metros in the country. The first leg of this on-ground event kick started today in Bengaluru on June 21, 2017 at Mount Carmel College in presence of Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao (Spokesperson from the Ruling Dispensation and the Working President of Karnataka Congress), Shri Praveen Sood (Police Commissioner), Shri Danish Sait (Indian Radio Host, Emcee, TV Presenter and Entertainer) and Ms. Geeta Menon (A popular Women Activist from last 30 years). MIRROR NOW Executive Editor Faye D’Souza led the discussion on ‘Safety for Women’ / ‘Safety of Women in Bengaluru 6 months after the MG road incident’ to put the spotlight on all stakeholders responsible and accountable for the most pressing issue in the city of Bengaluru.


The aim of ‘Young India Debate’ is to focus on initiating discussions amongst college students who represent Young India and drive them to be active participants by providing them a platform to raise their voice and share their opinions on prime issues concerning citizens every day. After Bengaluru, the channel will take these debates forward to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.


As a part of the debate, there was a panel discussion moderated by Faye D’souza, Executive Editor, MIRROR NOW, with 4 experts and distinguished guests along with a student representative who was the face and voice of Young India. The topic for the panel discussion centred on the prevalent issues of Women Safety that has been the topic of discussion in Bengaluru over the past couple of months.


Across an intense session of over two hours, MIRROR NOW brought Bengaluru authorities and students together to highlight, discuss and address their issues and concerns related to safety of women in the city.  The discussion covered topics like sex education, behavioural patterns, perception of society towards authorities, measures provided by police men in the city, law and order requirements etc.


Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Faye D’souza, Executive Editor, MIRROR NOW“MIRROR NOW has always aimed to address everyday issues of citizens and we are delighted with both, the response we have received for the channel and the impact that ‘Urban Debate has made so far. We look forward to driving results based on the discussions that we have been able to initiate with the authorities on a burning concern such as Women’s Safety. We will continue to pick issues that concern people from the grass root level and question the top most authorities and powers-that-be to make a difference in the lives of people in the country. Today I urge the people of Bengaluru to please complain when in distress and also download the Suraksha app to help curb the menace against women in the city”


Commenting on the occasion, Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “Request everyone to be responsible citizens, report any crime immediately for the authorities to take action immediately and help us curb this menace in the city. The city has seen a lot of improvement in the last 6 months and we will continue with various initiatives to improve the situation further.”


Commenting on the occasion, Shri Praveen Sood said, “Today I urge the citizens of this city to please report any type of crime with us via the given measures and we will take the right action. I request people to come forward and reach out to us via social media, face to face, dialling 100 or through Suraksha app and share their grievances with us. Please be aware about the laws made for women and don’t be ignorant.”


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Danish Sait said, “Human behavioural pattern needs to change and that has to be across strata of society and the only way to bring about this change is through education from a very young age. Request everyone to download the Suraksha app and come forward with their grievances.”


Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Geeta Menon said, “We need to inculcate respect for each other in our day to day lives and change outlook of the society by bringing reforms and stricter laws. I urge women to come ahead and please complain and connect with the police for solutions to our problems.”


The event will be telecasted as part of ‘The Urban Debate’ episode on Friday, 23rd June,2017 only on Mirror NOW .


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