Zydus Wellness announces national launch of Sugar Free Green



Sugar Free green is made from Stevia -a 100% Natural sugar substitute

Bangalore, 20th June, 2017:Sugar Free, the market leader in the sugar substitute category in India with a market share of over 94%, announced the national launch of its new variant – Sugar Free Green. Developed using Stevia leaves – a 100% Natural sugar substitute – Sugar Free Green is available in two formats viz powder and pellets. The powder is priced at Rs 199/- for a 100g unit whereas the pellets will be available in two SKUs – 40 pellets and 100 pellets priced at Rs 45/- and Rs 99/- respectively. 


Internationally, the acceptance and penetration of Stevia-based sugar substitutes has been very positive with markets like Europe registering exponential growth over last few years. Incidentally, it is also the most searched sugar substitute on the digital platform.


Sugar Free Green is made from Stevia leaf which is a zero calorie 100% natural sweetener. It can be used for making wide range of beverages, desserts and can be used for the entire family including kids. Sugar Free, which presently holds 94% of market share, aims at expanding the user-ship of sugar substitutes with this natural offering


Speaking about the launch, MrTarun Arora, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Zydus Wellness said, “Sugar Free has steadily grown over the last three decades since the very first launch of Sugar Free Gold. Since then, we have only seen an increasing acceptance and appetite for the product especially with the growing need of people to turn to healthier choices. As a company, we have always made a conscious effort to connect with our customers and offer them with choices that are safe and healthy. Sugar Free Green was a very natural progression for us. Feedback during the consumer research has been very encouraging with a significant chunk of the consumers believing Sugar Free Green to be smarter alternative to sugar.

We are quite confident that this offering will be able to build on the trust of Sugar Free and help us bring into our fold a fresh set of consumers who have always preferred a more natural product offering.”


Sanjeev Kapoor, Brand Ambassador of Sugar Free said “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle need not mean giving up on your favorite food. Luckily with the advance in food science, healthy alternatives are all around us, but what appeals to me is one that’s as close to natural as possible. Which is why Sugar Free Green fits the bill? Made from Stevia leaves, it’s a zero calorie alternative with health benefits too.  And it’s not just your tea and coffee that gets sweet, you can make any dessert you want with Sugar Free Green! Does it get any better?”


“Our brand new TVC featuring both our brand ambassadors – Parineeti Chopra and Sanjeev Kapoor is already ON AIR. A full-fledged 360-campaign across print, digital, outdoor and television is in place. These are exciting times for us; a significant amount of thrust is being given to ensure product penetration across key markets. Every possible avenue will be tapped to ensure that the right chord is struck with our audiences. We will continue to ensure that the brand stays true to its philosophy of offering healthier alternates at all times to its patrons. We are confident that Sugar Free Green will be liked by one and all”, Mr Arora added.


Brand Ambassador of Sugar Free, Parineeti Chopra added, “I am so happy that Sugar Free has launched a stevia based product, as after having read about the amazing properties of this natural sweetener I am delighted that people can now indulge in their sweet cravings, guilt free”


About Sugar Free

Sugar Free has a strong presence in India with a 94% market share of the Rs 319 Cr sugar substitute category and growing at a rate of 7.5% per annum. The brand is well distributed across the country, with a presence in 4 Lakh outlets*. The brand has come a long way in twenty-five years of its existence. It has transformed from an ethical brand of sugar substitute for diabetic patients to a lifestyle brand for the calorie-conscious, busy, and healthy lifestyle-seeking urban dweller. Sugar Free is identified with and virtually is the category. It has gained strong equity amongst consumers, retailers, and health experts (chemists + physicians).


About Zydus Wellness Ltd

Zydus Wellness Limited is the listed subsidiary of Cadila Healthcare Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company. The Zydus Group is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  Zydus Wellness has a strong presence in the sugar substitute market, table spreads and the skin care segment. In the sugar substitute market, Sugar Free is a market leader with a market share of around 94% and targets health and fitness seekers apart from diabetics. Sugar Free is available in pellet, powder and liquid formats.  Nutralite is a market leader in the Table Spread category and appeals to consumers looking for healthier alternatives to normal butter. It is cholesterol free, does not contain any hydrogenated fats and is also trans-fat free. In the skincare segment, Everyuth Naturals occupies the unique distinction of being a ‘skincare brand from a healthcare and wellness company’. Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and powered with Nano actives, Everyuth enjoys market leadership in skincare segments like face masks and scrubs and has a strong position in the face wash segment as well.



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