NSDL e-Gov Launches National GST Return Filing Portal

Bangalore, 6th June, 2017:NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd. (NSDL e-Gov), one of the pioneers of e-governance in the country, is offering Application Service Provider (ASP) services in addition to being a GST SuvidhaProvider (GSP). NSDL e-Gov enabled with state of art technology infrastructure, is offering these services to help dealers/businesses, chartered accountants (CAs) and tax consultants for the purpose ofGST compliance and filing. NSDL e-Gov ASP services willbe available to the enrolled users.


NSDL e-Gov has started the enrolment process for dealers/businesses, CAs and tax consultants to avail ASP and GSP services. In order to enrol, the interested parties can visit this link:https://www.nsdlgsp.co.in/GSPEnrolment. These services will be available in the following two categories – using system-to-system API integration and using NSDL e-Gov ASP’s web-based interface. Latest changes published by GSTN are being incorporated in the system and would soon be ready for customers’ usage.


NSDL e-Gov was one of the 34 companies shortlisted by the Goods and Services Network (GSTN) for providing the GST interface in the first phase in December 2016. As a GSP, the company will serve all the stakeholders and is open to collaborate with Chartered Accountant firms, Lawyers and consultancy firms. Mr. Gagan Rai, Managing Director andCEO, said, “The GST initiative holds the potential to be a highly powerful reform. Our partnership with GSTN is a significant one and can be traced back to when we were a part of the nationwide GST pilot project. We are in the process of making available this comprehensive software which can be used even by other ASPs to avail NSDL e-Gov GSP services by registering on our GSP portal. Additionally, we are also planning to provide affordable comprehensive solutions to small and medium sized businesses”


ASP services can be availed by dealers (manufacturers, traders, professionals and other businesses),   Tax Return Preparers and Facilitation Centres.


Some of the main advantages of this central application will be:


Ø  Agile handling of frequent changes in data formats

Ø  Data related to GST compliance can besecurely stored formultiple years

Ø  Integrated servicesunder one umbrella (ASP + GSP)

Ø  No separate IT infrastructure required by the dealer/filer

Ø  Zero start up time


NSDL e-Gov is not new to the concept of GST; the company had previously undertaken the GST Pilot Project. For this project, a detailed study was conducted across all the States and Union Territories in India to review and evaluate the status of automation in their tax administration department and understand their specific requirements with respect to the common portal.





About NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited:

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) was originally setup as a Depository in 1995 and has over the years used its inherent strengths, project management capabilities & technology expertise to deliver state of the art e-Governance solutions, which has helped Governments to identify and clear bottlenecks, promote transparency, reduce service delivery costs and deliver public services efficiently. NSDL e-Gov works closely with various Government agencies for designing, managing and implementing e-Governance Projects. NSDL e-Gov has also established Service Centre networks across the country, which serve as access points for the public and are efficiently used by Governments to deliver quality services in a user friendly and transparent manner to the citizens.



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