Tripeur, the travel ERP system gets seed round funding


Shorebird Technologies, the makers of Tripeur, an innovative Travel ERP system, co founded by Thiagarajan Rajagopalan and Sajit Chacko gets their seed funding from Grace Techno Ventures LLP, Rajul Garg and a few angel investors.


Tripeur is an innovative Travel ERP SaaS platform that manages all aspects of business travel, starting from pre-trip approval to managing travel policies to fulfilling all booking requests to expense reports. Tripeur provides complete workflows, deep analytics, and employs innovative AI algorithms to revolutionise business travel. Tripeur integrates with all leading ERP systems to provide a seamless experience for the enterprise. With all aspects of business travel covered in a single place, Tripeur is the only application a business traveller will ever need.


Providing a wide range of options, a company can control how their employees manage their business travels, and can introduce desired levels of controls and approvals with Tripeur. In short, Tripeur allows effective management of their travel budget without any manual intervention.


Tripeur is a unique product developed by Shorebird Tech, which was founded by Sajit Chacko and Thiagarajan Rajagopalan with a vision to optimise the entire business travel paradigm to be fully automated and fiscally efficient.


Says Thiagarajan, “Business travel is a significant part of a company that does business across multiple cities or countries. It fuels its growth while enhancing its presence and service level with their customers. On the other hand, it also becomes a significant part of a company’s expenses. The trick is for the CFOs or admins to have a sophisticated tool that can help them understand where the money is spent on travel and how they can optimise it. While providing inputs on where and how the money is spent via the BizTravelytics module, Tripeur also helps in making them actionable with the Travel & Expense Optimizer value added module.”


Adds Sajit, “Shorebird Tech is re-imagining business travel with Tripeur, which is capable of managing all aspects of business travel from trip approval to travel policies to expense reports, and provides actionable insights into all travel related expenses. This enables companies to lower their travel spends, improve compliance to travel policies, and enhance the overall travel experience of their employees.”


Mukesh Makhija of Grace Techno Ventures LLP adds, “As a venture fund, we are always on the lookout for exciting opportunities in untapped markets. We are excited to lead the seed round of investment into Shorebird Tech. With their flagship product Tripeur, they are creating and leading a new Travel ERP software market. We see tremendous growth potential for them in this space, and we wish them all the best.”


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