The effects of cigarette smoking  on male and female infertility

Smoking has been the flag bearer for a lot of health hazards and one of the major ones in the list includes fertility problems. A chain smoker is under a high risk of infertility problems than a non-smoker. According to a research, while smoking a single cigarette, 7000 chemicals spread throughout the entire body аnd affects the organs. Secondhand smoking is also dangerous for the person who is exposed to it аnd affects infertility. This leads to following problems related to the fertility:


1.       Damage of the reproductive organs

2.       Genetic issues

3.       Ovulation problems

4.       Increased risk of cancer аnd miscarriage


Infertility in Men:

The effect of smoking creates a more negative impact on sperm health of males. Studies on male smoking have shown a decrease in the quality of semen аnd 23% decrease in sperm concentration in men who smoke. It damages sperm, makes it difficult to fertilize eggs and making the embryos which they are likely to create but less chances for survival. Male smoking increases the risk of a non-viable pregnancy and hence there are chances of increased miscarriages.


Infertility in Women:

Women who smoke or are exposed to passive smoking are at increased risk of infertility and are more likely to take longer to get pregnant. Due to the toxins from cigarettes, smoking increases the chance of miscarriage. It also increases several health risks during pregnancy, such as preterm labor and ectopic pregnancy.  According to many studies, 10 or more cigarettes per day will significantly harm women’s ability to conceive. It is difficult for women smokers to quit who are pregnant, if they have a partner who smokes. Research shows it is much easier for people to stop smoking if they plan it with their partner. Deciding to quit together is a great way to increase the fertility and therefore chances of having a healthy baby.  Also, women who smoke and those who are exposed to the secondhand smoke are more likely to have problems getting pregnant and more likely to enter menopause before the age of 50.


Speaking on the growing concern of infertility due to tobacco consumption, Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare specialist, Indus Health Plus said “Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of the most preventable diseases in our world.

In addition to the many health risks such as cancer and heart disease, smoking also directly affects fertility in both women and men.Quitting smoking is the only way to lead a healthier аnd happy life.Timely аnd routine check up along with preventive measures is highly needed to avoid the risk of diseases which might occur due to smoking.”


Preventive Measures:

The best way to protect fertility is by giving up smoking. Maintaining a healthy diet, doing regular exercises, mediation, yoga etc. are very much essential to have a healthy life. Not only it will increase your chances of getting pregnant, but also it leads to a birth of a healthy child. You have the ability to change your life for the better! Give yourself, your future child and your partner the best chance of living a healthy life.. The first step is to be honest with yourself, the second is to ask for help and support! Work to quit smoking today!



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