Goodbox All Set To Enable Businesses Around The Country With Their Very Own Mini App, At 1% of the Average Cost, in 5mins





Small Businesses across the country can now go online through Goodbox!


Bangalore , May 3rd, 2017: Within a year, Bangalore-based Goodbox ( has enabled15,000+ businesses in the city to get their ‘Mini App’ using their DIY (do it yourself) online platform. Over 3000+ Local Businesses like supermarkets, restaurants etc in Bangalore now have Mini Apps on Goodbox. Apart from these, Goodbox also has a range of traditional shops on the app that includes newspaper vendors, laundry outlets, flower vendors and home bakers among shops from 100+ others categories. For 250,000+ customers, Goodbox is also a single Mega App which they use to explore and find a range of their trusted shops to buy from, directly. Goodbox is now available for downloads across the country, both for partners as well as consumers.


Against a background where most consumers now have smart phones and access the internet on it, businesses have realized that having a mobile presence (app) for their business to attract these smart phone using customers, is a necessity. However, these businesses do not know how to go about building their mobile presence since they do not understand the technology required or because it’s way too expensive. Moreover, even if they do get their own app (mobile presence) consumers do not want to download multiple apps for individual businesses.

Goodbox is the solution that bridges this gap by giving businesses a DIY Mini App presence within minutes. They can upload their business details, menu / prices and get an online payments ready store! They can then inform their consumers that they are available on app through the Goodbox Mega App. Consumers on the other hand can use Goodbox to buy from 1000s of businesses on one app without having to download multiple apps from multiple businesses.

 “The Goodbox Partner App enables businesses of all sizes to create their Mini App on Goodbox, get discovered by their consumers and start selling to them directly. It provides businesses with a simple way to create and manage their Mini App in 5 minutes at less than 1% the cost of getting their own app.” said Abey Zachariah, CEO, Goodbox.

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-Founder, Goodbox added, “Many shops who have created their Mini App on Goodbox were never online before Goodbox came along. Thanks to our Mini App solution, they are now able to cater to their consumers who prefer buying online. They are able to upload their products, chat with consumers on the fly and take payments online. Customers also find it easier to buy on Goodbox rather than calling or visiting a business in person since they can now see their products online.”

The Goodbox Apps for Partners and Consumers are available on the Android and iOS stores and can be downloaded at:

Goodbox Consumer App: 

Goodbox Partner App: 

Phone No: 080 4513 3500

 About Goodbox

For businesses, Goodbox has democratised technology by making millions of Businesses get app-enabled by giving them their own Mini App. Businesses can use their Mini app to accept orders, connect with their customers, collect online payments through Net Banking, Debit/Credit card, Wallet, and now UPI – the easiest way to send and collect money. For consumers, Goodbox has given them the convenience of ordering from multiple shops / businesses / Mini Apps on the Goodbox Mega App. There are 15,000+ businesses on the Goodbox Mega App as of now.



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