Over 100 Mahindra Electric Cars Rally around Bangalore







Lithium Urban Technologies has created an eco-friendly solutions for corporate transport

22nd April 2017, Bangalore: On the occasion of Earth Day, Lithium Urban Technologies, India’s first 100% electric transport solution for corporates, took part in the Quit Smoking Drive Electric organized by Mahindra Electric. The yatra saw over 100 electric vehicles, which comprised 25 electric vehicles (EVs) of Lithium apart from over 50 number of personal vehicles. The vehicles traversed along the streets of Central Bangalore.


The electric vehicle yatra was held in a bid to encourage and acknowledge the use of electric vehicles in the city. It was flagged off at Royal Orchid Hotel by Mahesh Babu., CEO, Mahindra Electric. Bangalore known as the Garden City is also the trailblazer in adopting electric mobility. Thus working towards the Government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 to bring about a paradigm shift in the automotive and transportation industry in the country.


Lithium Urban Technologies, who will be launching in New Delhi and NCR in the near future, have about 500 cars that cater to the growing corporate needs in Bangalore and Delhi. This is revolutionizing the employee transportation space by adopting a sustainable solution through EVs (electric vehicles).


Praveen Salins, Head of Operations, Lithium Urban Technologies said, “The Quit Smoking Drive is a great way to spread a word about the need for use of EVs in both, personal and corporate space. In line with Lithium’s philosophy of working towards saving the environment, we are taking this initiative to encourage more people to shift towards adoption of EVs. Our pan-India expansion provides a clear picture of the acceptance towards EVs among corporates which will ensure Lithium’s role towards a sustainable earth.”


Sanjay Krishnan, Co-Founder/CEO, Lithium Urban Technologies, said “The sky rocketing pollution levels in India is worrisome and to combat this, there is a growing need for EVs. The Government has been instrumental in playing a crucial role in advocating a shift to a cleaner country. There has been a vertical and horizontal growth in the acceptance of EVs in the corporate space of which Lithium has been an integral part.”


About Lithium Urban Technologies:

Lithium Urban Technologies was founded in the year of 2015, by Mr Sanjay Krishnan and Mr Ashwin Mahesh. Lithium becomes India’s first all-electric solution for the transportation needs of an employee. Electric vehicles are seen as the future of urban mobility, and Lithium identified this opportunity in the transportation sector, with an aim of not only bringing in electric cars into this sector, but also reducing the pollution levels in the atmosphere.


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