PVR acts as a catalyst in bringing the finest Kannada content in Karnataka   ~ Watch Kannada films at a PVR theatre near you! ~

Bangalore, 18th April 2017: Over the last decade, Kannada films have witnessed an immense growth by delivering rich content, receptive audience and good story telling. At the same time, PVR Cinemas, the largest cinema exhibition company in India, has acted as a catalyst in bringing the finest of Kannada films to its patrons in Karnataka. PVR currently operates 10 multiplexes with 73 screens in Karnataka which offer state of the art cinema exhibition infrastructure for growth of Kannada films.


PVR is a proud partner of Kannada film Industry and is dedicated to the cause of enhancing movie going experience for the people of Karnataka. In FY 2016-17, PVR cinemas in Karnataka allocated close to 2600 shows per multiplex for Kannada films i.e. on average 50 shows for each multiplex per week, which clearly demonstrates PVR cinemas strong commitment towards the Kannada film Industry.  Recently, PVR Cinemas played an active part, along with Karnataka State Government and KFCC, in organizing the BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, attended by more than 70 thousand movie goers of Karnataka, with the intention of promoting film business and Kannada films in the State of Karnataka.


Speaking on the topic, PVR spokesperson said,“At the outset, we would like to reiterate that our constant endeavor has been to provide world class cinema infrastructure and facilities to all our patrons across the state of Karnataka. Further, we have always strived to offer the best possible screening opportunities to films of all languages, in particular Kannada films. Quality of multiplexes built in Karnataka is amongst the best in the world and offers Kannada and other language films, state-of-the-art cinema infrastructure. With reference to the incident at one of our cinemas in Bengaluru, which was caused by a technical snag that was beyond our control, our cinema team acted swiftly and efficiently to resolve the situation promptly, extending full courtesy to all the patrons. We would like to assure our patrons that all appropriate steps have already been taken to make each of their visits an extremely comfortable and enjoyable experience.”


About PVR Limited


PVR is the largest and the most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the way entertainment is consumed in India. PVR currently operates a cinema circuit comprising of 579 screens at 126 properties in 50 cities (18 states and 1 Union Territory),serving approximately75 million patrons annually.


For further information, please refer to the PVR website:http://www.pvrcinemas.com/corporate/about-us.aspx

Share your feedback atfeedback@pvrcinemas.com



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