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Parmarth Seva Samiti Charitable Trust have organised  various activities in the city to celebrate “Hanuman Jayanti Mahotsav” for the Devotees on Tuesday, 11th April 2017.  Mass Recital of Hanuman Chalisa  & Sunderkand Path was held by the renowned Shri Radha Krishnaji Maharajfrom 8 am onwards at Cross Maidan, with a live telecast in Satsang & Sanskar channel. It was also relayed live on the You tube and facebook channel of the trust. Blood Donation Camp is also held at Churchgate Station from 10 am onwards for the needy and poor. Devotees from many parts of the world will be able to recite the sacred Hanuman Chalisa along with its live recital from Mumbai due to the telecast in the Religious Channels  & Social media relay. All are invited to join the celebrations


Parmarth Seva Samiti has been conducting various charitable activities for the needy and poor since its inception 8 years back. Along with medical drive they also have been assisting in providing them with medical aid, school fees for needy students, financially contribution in organizing their weddings etc.
For any further information I can be contacted on 8976001704




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