Global Consumer Products revolutionises the household insecticide space, launches the country’s first ever eco-friendly 99.5% natural coil ‘DND Spira Coils




Patented Japanese technology to drive this innovative solution


Bangalore, 8th April 2017: Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing FMCG companies, with innovation at its helm, has today announced the launch of the country’s first ever green and eco-friendly 99.5% natural coil – ‘DND Spira Coils’. GCPL had recently launched products in mosquito repellent category under the flagship brand of ‘DND’- DO NOT DISTURB. DND Spira Coils uses patented Japanese technology using the Sumione Active molecule (Patented Japanese Active Sumione from Sumitomo, Japan), which is light and evaporates much faster thus creating an effective 360 degree preventive shield. DND Spira Coils are 99.5% natural coils, making it an environment friendly solution.


Mr. A. Mahendran, the creator of the household insecticide category in India and also the creator of DND, promises world-class path breaking innovations with DND Spira Coils, the first ever eco-friendly coil manufactured in this country.


With this launch, the DND range now has a total of 9 SKUs. The products are priced as below:


·         DND Turblo Liquid Vaporizer & Liquid Refill at INR 150 & INR 78

·         DND Aeromax Coil Diffuser & Coils at INR 249 & INR 38

·         DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer at INR 199

·         DND Liquid Vaporizer Machine & Liquid Refill at INR 36/- each

·         DND Spira Coils at INR 26/-


Global Consumer Products Pvt Ltd., a young and fast growing company in the FMCG segment, designs and develops products that are technology oriented and innovative in approach. DND is based on the philosophy of prevention rather than protection. With DND, the company aims to provide effective ‘prevention’ against entry of mosquitos as a proactive solution rather than a conventional ‘protection’ approach. This helps DND to stand by its name “Do Not Disturb” while its consumers are having a good sleep at night. 


Announcing this launch, Mr. A. Mahendran, MD & CEO of Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd said, “Consumer products (household insecticides) can play a major role in complementing public health programs by providing the community with affordable products giving sustainable prevention from vector borne diseases – indoors as well as outdoors. Our flagship product DND has helped us reach to our people to become a great success. Our belief is that there is a need for solution which not only knocks down the mosquitoes but also is natural, eco-friendly and prevents mosquitoes from entering the house.  DND’s promise of world-class breaking innovations has helped us to introduce DND Spira Coils.”




He further added, “A huge section of mid and low income households still do have any access to quality and economic mosquito repellent products. Through DND Spira Coils which are 99.5% natural and eco-friendly, we want to provide disease free lifestyle and an undisturbed sleep to our consumers. We, at Global Consumer Products, believe that usage of current product will lead to significant reduction of vector borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya etc.”


There has been increase in vector borne diseases (VBDs) in the recent years in India. Many VBDs are considered diseases of the marginalised community since it is endemic in low income groups or in areas where the vicious cycle of diseases and poverty exists. While all these diseases are preventable and curable, the disease burden and economic impact are very high and unacceptable in this modern era. Some of these diseases are fatal if not treated, while others leave patients disfigured and disabled. They account for 17% of the estimated global burden of all infectious diseases. Additional tools and innovative delivery mechanisms are required to implement existing interventions and those that may be available in the near future and are needed to accelerate control towards elimination and prevent resurgence of transmission.


DND Spira Coils product is launched by Global Consumer Products under their brand DND. The company had introduced DND, its range of mosquito repellent products (its fourth product category) in the market last year (2016). Each pack of DND Spira Coil is priced at INR 26/-.



About Global Consumer Products Pvt Ltd


Started by FMCG stalwart Mr. A Mahendran (former MD Godrej Consumer Products) Global Consumer Products Pvt Ltd (Global CP) is a synthetic start up incepted in January 2014 with an investment of Rs. 315 crore from Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Global.

 The company made its foray in the FMCG market with LuvIt range of chocolates in 2014. In the course of next two years, the company launched more products in the domain of confectionaries and beverages. It acquired the Ayurvedic beauty brand Ved Rassa in 2015 and also entered the household insecticide segment with DND, its line of mosquito repellent products in Household Insecticide Category.

 Photo Caption:

Pic 1:L-R- Mr. Akira Taniuchi, General Manager, Sumitomo Chemicals Co.Ltd & Mr. A. Mahendran, MD & CEO of Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd at the launch of ‘DND Spira Coils’ in Bengaluru today.


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