Pets Day out at Orion East Mall Pet Fiesta







Bangalore, April 3rd, 2017: The First Ever Orion Pet Fiesta was held at the Orion East Mall on 2nd April 2017 which was a Grand success with nearly 50 participants comprising of Dogs, Cats & Birds.

The huge crowd of Visitors & the respective owners had a great time. Mr. Ravikumar, President Karnataka Kennel Club & Dr. Ravindra, Asst. Professor of Veterinary Sciences gave away the Prizes.

It Promised loads of fun for pets and their owners. Spending time with their pets is one of the most enjoyable activities for pet owners and this Pet Fiesta gave them the perfect opportunity to do just that. Visitors to the mall who didn’t have pets joined in as well, watching all the activities that were lined up for this unique event.

 There was a pet-grooming contest, where the most perfectly kept guests won the prizes. A behaviour and response competition saw the best-trained pets becoming champions. Once the dogs, cats, birds and other pets competed, it was the turn of the owners who participated in a quiz centred on pets. Mr. Ravikumar, President, Karnataka Kennel Club, and Dr. Ravindra ,Asst Professor of  Veterinary Sciences were the judges for the Pet Fiesta competitions. All participants got a participation certificate from Orion East Mall.

Besides the contests, there were special stalls at Orion East Mall, stocking pet treats, accessories and grooming services, so owners got on a shopping spree for their pets.


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