Author Dharmendra U releases his much awaited book ‘I am Changing My Life’





A collection of essays on the theme – how one can attain a life of Abundance!, promising long lasting and permanent change in mere 60 days

·         Author comes up with a new technique called,”M TO THE POWER OF 3” which the most powerful and effective technique to lead a life of prosperity and abundance

April 29, 2017: Bangalore based author Dharmendra U, launched his debut book on self-help called ‘I am Changing My Life’ in a formal launch event held at the Sapna Book Store in Bangalore today. The book is published by India’s fastest growing book publishing company, Notion Press. The book was released by Ms. Archana Surana, of Surana Group of Institutions. The book is a collection of essays on managing personal crisis and will enable the reader to ponder on questions that concern their life and draw conclusions for the same. This book aims to assist readers in the process of introspection and aid them in solving their personal problems. It talks about mantras, meditation, walking, the positive effects books have on our lives and how writing can influence personal growth.

Dharmendra’s book “I am Changing My Life” grew out of his reading, learning, journal writing, meditation and interactions with thinkers and saints. The great philosophical truth remains the same over the centuries, but what this book does is present them in simple, clear language, suitably adapted for the present times. The book emphasizes that a moderate amount of effort is needed in order to make his/her life, full of prosperity and abundance. The book also explains a step by step technique called ”M TO THE POWER OF 3” which is very powerful, effective and easy way to make one’s life full of prosperity and abundance!

Speaking about the book, the author Dharmendra says “The essays in the book will enable the reader to ponder on questions concerning about his life and help him to come up with conclusions about his life. The book is aimed to assist readers in the process of introspection and solving personal problems. I believe that a life of abundance is everybody’s birth-right and this book is my effort towards assisting readers achieve it”

”M TO THE POWER OF 3, is a very unique technique that I have developed after a lot of research and analysis. This is one of the most powerful, effective and easy method to help readers attain a life of their choice. This extremely friendly technique has been developed with no reasons of science.  The technique assists in getting into the roots and helps to develop a long lasting and a permanent change for a positive outcome in merely 60days. The techniques mentioned in the book have been extensively tested under various circumstances and occasions and has successfully given outstanding results” He added

The book has chapters on the art of writing, journalism and the perspective of thinkers on contemporary issues. This book is the brainchild of the author’s interaction with thinkers and saints, reading and journaling. Meditation and looking inward helped him immensely in bringing the book to its current state. The author believes that one must put in efforts and remain self-motivated in order to attain enlightenment. This book puts the reader on the right path towards enlightenment in a clear and concise language that has been suitably adapted for the present times.

Dharmendrra is a man of many talents, who has put in time and effort to explore philosophical values. He believes that writing is very useful for therapy and personal growth, and that it puts one on the right path to success. During a personal crisis, a book on Buddhism and the writings of Swami Sivananda had a profound effect on him. Dharmendrra thinks that it is essential for one to maintain a journal, and that spiritual and inspirational books have been very beneficial in his journey. He turned to mantra meditation and found that it gives him inner strength and facilitates spiritual growth.

Dharmendra is now a certified Yoga, NLP, Law of Attraction, Life Coach & a Hypno Therapy Practitioner who has spent years of research to come up with this book. Learning from his experiences, he emphasizes the value and the power of SELF.

 “I am Changing My Life” is available online on, Snapdeal, Infibeam among others. Readers can order their copy in either paperback or e-book on leading e-commerce portals. Readers can also grab their copy at all leading book stores in their cities.

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Fortis La Femme advocates thought leadership by holding clinical sessions on Challenges in Women’s Health



April 29, 2017, Bengaluru – Fortis La Femme organized a Continued Medical Education (CME) program to discuss various health challenges faced by women. The event took place on 28th April, 2017 in Bengaluru. A team of world renowned doctors including Dr Prathima Reddy MBBS, MRCOG (London), FRCOG (London), FACOG (USA) and Dr. ArunaMuralidhar, MD MRCOG, were present there to share insights on topics such as reducing caesarean rates and risk assessment in routine antenatal care.
The main objective of this CME is to edifythe industry experts, including eminent gynecologists and general physicians, of many health related challenges faced by women today. The program offered a platform of knowledge and sharing to bring together the brightest minds in the profession. Experts discussed their findings and shared observations to help enhance understandings of key relevant health issues like ‘Overview of Breast Diseases’, Urinal Incontinence’ and ‘The NICU Journey’ among others.

Fortis La Femme, Richmond Road, which opened October 2016 in Bengaluru, was the second hospital under the La Femme brand of hospitals, which currently has presence in 3 cities and has plans to expand across India, this year. The hospital provides holistic clinical care designed just for women which covers every stage of a woman’s life from birth, adolescence, motherhood, to menopause and beyond. Medical care at the hospital includes Obstetrics (Painless Labor), Gynaecology, Neonatology (Level III NICU), Anaesthesia, Pediatrics, Pediatric ICU, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Bariatric, Cosmetic Surgeries, Dentistry and Genetic & Fetal Medicine.

Ms. Anika Parashar, COO, Fortis La Femme, on the occasion said, “Women’s well-being and health are the most important topics for education today in healthcare industry. From issues such as rising C-section rates to the alarming increase in women ailments like breast cancer; keeping the discourse going and enabling knowledge exchange is of utmost importance. This is our motivation behind CME sessions, and we intend to bring forth our world-class Clinicians to spread awareness across the country going forward.”

About Fortis La Femme
Fortis La Femme is a unique facility, inspired by the core belief that a woman is a very special person with special needs. Medical care at the hospital includes Obstetrics (Painless Labor), Gynecology, Neonatology (Level III NICU), Anesthesia, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgeries and Genetic &Fetal Medicine. Fortis La Femme provides comprehensive clinical and holistic care designed just for women which covers every stage of a woman’s life from birth, adolescence, motherhood, to menopause and beyond. Its patient-sensitive services are provided in a world-class facility with a discreetly elegant ambience laden with value-added conveniences. In the year 2010, the hospital got NABH accreditation, and was successfully re-accredited in 2013. It was adjudged winner of Most Popular Maternity Hospital award by Child Magazine in 2013. Fortis La Femme was also ranked No. 5 in Top Gynecological Hospitals in India (No. 1 Private Gynecological Hospital in North India) in Nielsen Survey 2015 conducted by THE WEEK magazine.

OnePlus collaborates with TEDxBangalore to bring the First TEDxBangaloreSalon 2017



Hosts session on wildlife photography with Rohit Varma, Co-founder of Nature InFocus


Bangalore, April 28, 2017:  OnePlus, a global mobile technology startup, today hosted the first edition of TEDxBangaloreSalon for 2017 – an initiative aimed at inspiring innovation, sparking discussion and promoting knowledge sharing. OnePlus has partnered with TEDx to bring the renowned sessions to its fans, to further deepen its engagement with the community. The aim of this collaboration is to create a platform for OnePlus community members to explore new interests and pursue their passion. Through this TEDx Bangalore Salon, OnePlus endeavors to bring out inspiring stories from different walks of life that even goes beyond the smartphones and technology discussion.

The first edition of the TEDxBangaloreSalon for 2017 saw Rohit Varma, a nature and wildlife photography enthusiast and Co-founder of Nature InFocus, deliver a session on ‘Exploring wilderness through a lens’. During the session Rohit spoke about how he followed his passion for photography and turned it into his profession as the Co-founder of Nature InFocus, a photo-led exploration platform for sharing stories and photography for everything nature.

Speaking at the occasion, Vikas Agarwal, General Manager of OnePlus India, said “At OnePlus, we are focused on providing the best products and experiences to our community. Our collaboration with TEDx is yet another step towards strengthening our relationship with the community and being relevant in their lives, beyond our product offerings. We are delighted to have Mr Rohit Varma speak at our Experience Store. We look forward to inviting more such inspiring personalities for upcoming editions of the TEDxBangaloreSalon.

It is very exciting to interact with an engaging group of photography enthusiasts, and share with them my journey so far. It is encouraging to see brands like OnePlus and TEDx come together to create platform where people can share their stories and motivate others to follow their passion” said Rohit Varma, a wildlife photographer.

The landmark OnePlus experience store is a hub for community members to experience the product offerings as well as collaborate, share and learn together. Similar to the OnePlus Experience Store, is a ‘one stop’ destination for our fans and users, across India who want to purchase the latest OnePlus smartphone or accessories and enjoy the promise of our high quality customer service. 

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a global startup challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit