Naarishakti (Welfare trust for women) organized today social welfare scheme for old age people on Ugadi special in Bangalore





Bangalore 2017:  Safina Joseph-President founder of Naarishakti (Welfare trust for women), distributed today on  free of cost to old age people for women distributing on Rations (Rice, Dal, Oil, Sugar,) etc,   apart from that distributed sarees for women & shirts & was ties for men as well on Ugadi Special around for 50 people in Bangalore, for registered poor old age person in Naarishakti.

In Additional,who had registered, for pension schemes for women & men given away from Naarishakti as Pension scheme of Rs. 500/- (for 50 people)  as started beginning.

Safina Joseph founder ofNaarishakti, also helps for poor in deed people on emergency for (Hospitals, Marriage, Educations,) etc as well.

“Naarishakti is dedicated to old, destitute people who are ignored by the society. We are distributing ration including rice, oil, sugar and pension of Rs.500 to registered old people today to celebrate Ugadi. Naarishakti is always helping people with emregency situations like hospitalisation, education and etc. This programme is a step in this regard” said Ms. Safina Joseph, Founder President, Naarishakti. 


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