No drug no touch therapy – Free pranic healing camp on 19th March 2017, Sunday

A free Pranic-Healing camp!
On the eve of  10th anniversary of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Mahasamadhi , Founder of  Pranic Healing a free healing camp is organized on March 19th 2017, Sunday by Holistic Healing Center, Bangalore. Pranic Healing which is a supportive therapy to other existing therapies is also known as “No Drug No Touch therapy.”  In this therapy no medicine is given to the patient as such there is no question of any side effects. Pranic Healing is proved very useful in treating patients suffering from any physical, psychological, emotional problems and also issues related to family matters, relationships depression and business as well.                                         
All are welcome!

Venue : Holistic Healing Center, # 23, Muthappa Block, near MLA Layout, R.T.Nagar, Bangalore -32 
Timings : From 12 pm  to 3 pm on 19th March 2017, Sunday.
For registration call : 98451 49203; 94481 45995


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