Women should never fear challenges – Usha Somashekar, Bengaluru





Bangalore. March 9, 2017 : Overcoming challenges is what makes life interesting and meaningful. Usha Somashekar’s life perfectly reflects these words. A Karnataka University topper in M.A. Criminology, Usha always dreamt of being an entrepreneur.


But walking the path of entrepreneurship is intimidating for many as setting up a business and running it successfully can be of immense challenge in the long run. However, Usha didn’t let the fear get her.


A chance visit to a EuroKids centre led her to the realization that providing quality education was her true calling and she decided to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations by providing high quality childhood education.


With three franchisees of EuroKids pre-school in Bengaluru today, Usha’s stands an example of a courageous woman who dares to make it big in life. Her dream continues to make EuroKids the first choice of every parent in Bengaluru and strives relentlessly to turn her dream into reality.


Her collaboration with EuroKids has immensely contributed to her understanding of franchise business especially in the preschool space.


Sharing her thoughts on women entrepreneurs, Usha says “An increasing number of women are succeeding in their own ventures, they are also making it clear to the society that hard work, determination, ambition and leadership are not the traits limited only to men. Shyness, fear or hesitation is not a part of women’s personality anymore. They are confident, intelligent and ready to take on the challenges of the world.”


Usha also believes that “Being an entrepreneur means having dedication and heart, knowing how to deal with people and loving and treasuring what you have.”


EuroKids network of pre-schools has enabled more than 900 entrepreneurs to build a long term successful business, 80 per cent of who are women.




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