The Fragile X Society, India creates awareness for a better Fragile X Syndrome care in India through Indo-USA Symposium






Gains support of the prestigious Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), the apex association of pediatric discipline in India. ~


~Highlights the advancement in diagnosis, management and therapy of Fragile X Syndrome and associated disorders. ~


Bangalore, 28th February, 2017:-   The first ever Indo – USA endeavor to create awareness for better Fragile X care in India by The Fragile X Society, India in association with UC DAVIS MIND Institute, USA ; organized together withNIMHANS Bangalore; Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore; and Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore; held the second leg of the joint Indo-USA medical symposium at the NIMHANS in Bangalore today.  After its successful inauguration in Delhi on 26th February, 2017, The Fragile X Society, India will hold the medical symposium in Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai.


The Indo- USA symposium provided a never before platform to expand and develop relationships between Indian and American researchers and clinicians.  It was an avenue to exchange knowledge between Indian and American professionals about the latest evidence-based treatments for Fragile X-associated Disorders. Further it also engaged the patient community to expand the reach of the Fragile X Society India.


The Fragile X Syndrome is a rare condition, which is caused by a change in a gene that is inherited at the time of conception. When the gene called the FMR1, found in the X chromosome undergoes a change and does not function properly, it affects brain functions. It causes a wide range of cognitive impairment, from mild learning disabilities to severe intellectual disabilities (ID) that can impact individuals and families in various ways. Fragile X Syndrome is the most common known cause of autism or “autistic-like” behaviors.



The symposium was supported by Dr. Gangadhar, Director, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr. Asha Benkappa, Director, Indira Gandhi Institute of  Child Health,Bangalore, Dr. Satish Chandra, Director; Dr. Meenakshi Bhatt, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore andDr. Geetha Patel, IAP local President.


It was attended by eminent doctors and healthcare experts like  Dr. Satish Girimaji, Professor, Dept of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr. Swathi Shetty, Molecular Geneticist, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore; Dr. Randi Hagerman, MD, Medical Director, UC Davis MIND Institute, USA; Mr. Robert Miller, International Patient Advocacy Organisational Consultant;Suma Shankar, MD, PhD, Precision Genomics Director, UC Davis, California, USA; Flora Tassone, PhD, Investigator, UC Davis MIND Institute, UC Davis, California, USA; Stephanie Sherman, PhD, Professor, Emory University, Atlanta, USA;Anne Skomorowsky, MD, Asst. Professor, Columbia University, New York, USA and Ms. Shalini Kedia, Founder Member and Chairperson, The Fragile X Society, India along with other well known doctors.


Speaking at the occasion, Ms. Shalini Kedia, Founder Member and Chairperson, The Fragile X Society, India said, “The awareness levels in India with respect to other countries are considerably low. In the past, for instance in USA, toddlers at the age of 36-42 months were detected with FXS, whereas children in India were diagnosed at ages of 10yrs, 12yrs, 16yrs or even 40yrs.This led to a huge gap in their treatment cycle. With TheFragile X Society, India’s initiative of dispelling ignorance amongst the large population of India has bore fruit. The youngest Fragile X affected child we have seen was just one year old. This has happened only because of awareness amongst professionals.”


“As per the world wide statistics, we can easily say that India has over 4, 00,000 affected individuals. There are organizations all over the world focused on creating awareness for Fragile X. Nearly every state in the US has a Fragile X society working towards this goal.”- Ms. Kedia added.


The Fragile X Society, Indiapromotes public and professional awareness among the parents and eminent doctors all over India. It extends help to families with affected children in terms of literature, guidance and a deep understanding of how Fragile X can impact families. It holds seminars, workshops and conferences in Mumbai and various parts of the country.

Approximately 1 in 3,600 to 4000 among males and 1 in 4000 to 6000 among femalesare affected by FXS. Usually, males are more severely affected by this disorder than females. Therefore it is vital to spread awareness among the medical fraternity especially pediatricians and gynecologists’ as well as parents and the couples planning to have a child, so that children with Fragile X Syndrome are detected early in life. Due to advancement in medical sciences, there are many treatments like medication and therapies available at different centres, which significantly improve the quality of life of a child or an individual affected with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS).


The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), the apex association of pediatric discipline has come forward to support The Fragile X Society, India to take forward the motto of a better Fragile X Syndrome care among the affected individuals in every nook and corner of India.



Extending his support to the cause Dr. Anupam Sachdeva, MD, Director Institute of Child Health, SGRH, President, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)said, “We have taken this step to come forward and supportThe Fragile X Society, India, as we feel that awareness needs to be increased in India as far as Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders are concerned.  Cases of Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders are mostly not reported in India. Therefore, we at IAP are preparing guidelines for management of the syndrome, as it is necessary to create awareness among the doctors who will manage the children or individuals affected with FXS and its associated disorders. It is therefore vital to utilize the knowledge gathered from the guidelines so that it can be used for early and better diagnosis of the syndrome and plan its treatment accordingly. ”


The Fragile X Society, India has also partnered with UC DAVIS MIND Institute, USA through which the internationally acclaimed researchers and healthcare experts would create awareness and talk about the advances in diagnosis, management and therapy of Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Randi Hagerman,MD, Medical Director, UC Davis MIND Institute ,USA said, “Its has been our constant endeavour to create a better life for individuals affected with Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders. We are happy to be associated with The Fragile X Society, India for spreading awareness about Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders in India. We have been training doctors, psychologists in fragile X, autism and other neuro-developmental disorders through our International Training Program in Neuro developmental Disorders (ITPND).”


Having a child with special needs is challenging in itself and dealing with the social stigma and ignorance surrounding it makes it even more difficult. Such is the case of Fragile X Syndrome and its associated disorders. It is also disheartening to note that the patients and their guardians face social exclusion. The root of stigma lies in the differences in perception leading to lack of awareness which does not allow early intervention in terms of appropriate diagnosis and treatment to take place in such cases.





Mercedes-Benz redefines the luxury business sedan segment, introduces the first-ever ‘Made in India’ Long Wheel Base new E-Class




The all new Long Wheel Base (LWB) Right Hand Drive E-Class which is ‘Made in India, for India’ is the first India specific product from Mercedes-Benz


·         The E-Class sedan is India’s highest selling luxury executive sedan | It comprises about 34% of the total Mercedes-Benz cars sold in India till date

·         The long wheelbase version of the new E-Class will be Made in India, for India, the first new generation car to be locally produced since market launch

·         Mercedes-Benz’s first India specific car: India is the only country to launch the RHD version of the ‘longwheelbase’ new E-Class | It took 48 months for the development of the new E-Class

·         Astounding Performance: The E 350 d features a 2987 cc V6 diesel engine that churns out 190 kW (258 hp) and 620 Nm of torque available at as low as 1600 rpm, 0 -100 km/h in 6.6 secs

·         First time in the E-Class: Air Body Control | Chauffeur Package | 37 degree recliner rear seats | 9G-TRONIC transmission | Burmester® surround sound system | Parking Pilot, a wide high-resolution and bright display with a next-generation 12.3-inch screen as standard | 64 colour ambient lighting

·         Intelligent service packages: Unsurpassable Cost of Ownership starting at Rs. 64,700 for 2 years | 45 service packages | Unlimited mileage, first in the luxury car industry

·         “My Mercedes My Service” program offer customers lower cost of ownership and lower maintenance cost. It also offers hassle free Online Service appointment booking for the New E-Class

·         The Mercedes-Benz E 200 is priced at INR 56.15 lakhs and the E 350 d is priced at INR 69.47 lakhs/- (ex-showroom, Mumbai)


28th February, 2017: India’s largest luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz today, redefined the luxury executive sedan segment with the launch of the first ever right hand drive (RHD) long wheelbase (LWB) version of the new E-Class luxury business sedan. From its launch, this intelligent business sedan will be ‘Made in India, for India’. With over 13 million units sold globally, the E-Class sedan and Estate are the best-selling vehicles for Mercedes-Benz.


The new E-Class with its high quality appointments is an illustration of excellent craftsmanship and reflects modern luxury synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. The new E-Class sedan in its 10thgeneration, is a comprehensive luxury business sedan that intelligently blends driving performance with unmatched luxury and comfort, boasting of the ‘most spacious’ rear cabin in the segment. The new LWB E-Class was launched by RolandFolger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.


Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Indiacommented, “The new E-Class with its rich history spanning over 2 decades with around 34,000 units on Indian roads, remains a very important product in our portfolio, playing a vital role in the product strategy of Mercedes-Benz India. Majority of our E-Class customers in India are chauffeur driven, and hence it was a natural decision for us to introduce the long wheelbase new E-Class in India and create a new benchmark in the luxury executive segment. India becomes the only country in the world to offer the right hand drive long wheelbase version of the new E-Class, and it took almost 48 months to develop this masterpiece from scratch. As a part of offering the ‘Best Customer Experience’ to our customers, we are glad to introduce to them their favourite luxury business sedan, which will be made in India, for India, from the day of its launch.”


Markus Schaefer, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain Managementelaborated, “With the start of production of the new long-wheelbase E-Class, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of ‘Made in India’ products, offering our Indian customers numerous technical innovations of the most intelligent executive sedan. Building nine different

model derivatives for local demand in top quality, Pune has become one of our most flexible plants and an absolutely integral part in the global and efficient production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. This is a great success story made possible by the hard work and dedication of both the management and the workforce in Pune.”


Mr. Folger further added, “The new long wheelbase E-Class is truly a ‘Masterpiece of Intelligence’ with its various path breaking innovations. The new E-Class is delightful to drive and fulfills the desire for individuals seeking driving performance, while ensuring it presents the most luxurious rear cabin experience, comprising unparalleled luxury appointments, for those preferring to be chauffeur driven. What makes the new E-Class an even more intriguing value proposition for the customer, is the highly competitive service packagesthat start at just INR 64,700 and sets an industry benchmark for lowest cost of ownership in the segment. We are very confident that the new long wheelbase E-Class will continue the success story of the business sedan in India.”


Key Product highlights:

Long wheelbase:

The long-wheelbase version of the new E-Class sedan built in India, for India, introduces numerous technical innovations of the most intelligent luxury executive sedan, and also offers an even more spacious rear compartment with a first-class character. It exceeds the E-Class sedan sold in the world where both the wheelbase (3079 millimetres) and the length (5063 millimetres) are increased by 140 millimetres. The rear compartment of the luxury sedan offers an extra 134 millimetres of legroom for the occupants.


Sublime exterior and design elements: 

·         LED headlamps and tail lamps | Panoramic Sunroof | 17” Light Alloy Wheels

·         Rear design highlights: Chrome trim | Rear bumper inserts black diffuser-look finish | Full LED tail lights | Two fixed tailpipe trim elements integrated into bumper | Illumination Specific to E-Class | Single-piece design | Crystal look during illumination


Emotive interior highlights:

·         Ambient lighting: 64 colours and five dimming levels for the desired lighting mood

·         World first: Touch-sensitive touch controls on the steering wheel

·         Electric sunblind for rear windows | First: 37 degree recliner rear seats


Unmatched driving dynamics:

·         Air Body Control – First time for the E-Class in India (E 350 d)

·         9-G TRONIC: 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

·         DYNAMIC SELECT Drive (E, C, S, S+, I) – influences the response of the engine, the ESP® and shift characteristics of transmission

o  Suspension (C, S, S+) with Air body control

o  Steering (C, S, S+) – In “S” and “S+” a more direct steering ratio noticeably increases the vehicle’s agility


Cutting edge infotainment system:

·         Burmester® surround sound system with 13 high-performance speakers (E 350 d)

·         COMAND online as standard

·         Touchpad: Intuitive operation by finger gesture

·         World first: Touch-sensitive touch controls on the steering wheel

·         Firsttime in the E-Class – A high-resolution and bright display with a next-generation 12.3-inch screen

·         Smartphone Integration Package compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto


Unparalleled comfort &convenience:

·         Panoramic sliding sunroof

·         THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

·         Memory package – Front & rear seats (E 350 d)

·         First time in E-Class: Memory rear seats with comfort headrest




Benchmarking safety and assistance systems

·         ESP®

·         LED High Performance Headlamps

·         PRE-SAFE®

·         First Time: Parking Pilot with Active Parking Assist PARKTRONIC and visual aids (360° camera for E 350 d)

·         Adaptive brake lights

·         Dual front airbags, Front side airbags, Curtain airbags, knee bag for driver (7 overall)


Technical specifications:


New E-Class specs

E 350 d

E 200

Arrangement/no. of cylinders



   Number of valves per cylinder



Total displacement (cc)



Power kW(hp) @ rpm

190 (258) @ 3400

135 (184) @ 5500

Torque (Nm @ rpm)

620 @ 1600-2400

300 @ 1200-4000

Acceleration (km/h) (s)



Top speed (Km/h)




Lowest Cost of ownership in the luxury car segment:

According to the Indian Blue Book’s Residual Value Analysis of Luxury Car Segment Report 2016, Mercedes-Benz has the lowest average maintenance cost amongst its peers. The new long wheelbase E-Class comes with affordable and convenient service packages that drives tremendous value proposition for the customers. Based on the consumers’ needs and preferences, service packages of various age & mileages have been introduced for the new long wheelbase E-Class. The standard packages start at Rs.64,700 for the petrol variant and Rs. 94,400 for the diesel variant for two years. These new standard packages are offered with unlimited mileage (a first in the luxury car segment) covering maintenance related jobs. These customer focused packages offering various options and flexibility, can last up to 10 years from the date of sale, for a

hassle free ownership experience. The low maintenance costs of the new long wheelbase E-class significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and sets a new benchmark in the luxury car segment in India.



Local production of the new long wheelbase E-Class:

Each stage of production of the new long wheelbase E-Class at Mercedes-Benz India’s world-class manufacturing facility in Pune reflects the stringent quality standards of Mercedes-Benz, as applicable to the entire value chain. A contributory factor to this is the ongoing transfer of knowledge between the competence centre for luxury-class cars in Sindelfingen, Germany, and the colleagues in Mercedes-Benz India. During the initial phase, the start of production is being assisted by members of staff from Sindelfingen. The increasing trend towards customised vehicle manufacturing is demonstrated in the assembly of the new long wheelbase E-Class. Numerous equipment variants as well as safety and assistance systems mean that every vehicle running off the production line in India, is unique.



The most anticipated singing reality show ‘The Voice’ S12 Premieres on AXN


It’s time we move from the stunts to the saxophones, action to accordion and thrill to trumpets with the most awaited music reality show. AXN, home to the most iconic shows and characters, is back with the latest season of the highly popular singing reality competition ‘The Voice’. Season 12 premieres from March 4, every Saturday – Sunday at 8PM only on AXN. 
The three-time Grammy Award winner Gwen Stefani will accompany Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton in this season.
The show’s innovative format features five stages of talent competition: the first being the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally the live performance shows.
Tune in to AXN, March 4 onwards, every Saturday – Sunday at 8PM to experience Reality, Entertainment and Drama with ‘The Voice season 12’
About AXN India
AXN is India’s leading English General Entertainment Channel, backed by Sony Pictures Networks (SPN), offering Indian viewers edge of the seat entertainment for the last 19 years.
In 2016, the brand repositioned itself with the tagline Live R.E.D., to showcase its vast content range and shift from generic action to more psychological action that evokes a feeling of mind rush. All elements of the channel’s communication affirm AXN’s brand commitment to LIVE R.E.D. The channel hosts Reality shows like The Voice, Top Gear, Top Chef, Fear Factor, Survivor, American Ninja Warrior; family Entertainment shows like Minute to Win It, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Guinness Book of World Records, Breaking the Magician Code; and Drama shows like Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Justified, Hannibal, Ray Donovan, Dexter, Elementary, Billions, 24, Supernatural. In addition, AXN premieres shows close to their U.S. premieres in its ‘Fresh from the U.S.’ slot on weekends.

AXN India is an affiliated channel of Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) and is wholly owned by SPN and managed by SPE Networks – Asia.
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