Toyota Kirloskar Motor Sold 13,190 units in May 2016




– Registers a 6% growth in domestic sales when compared to the corresponding period last year
– The recently launched Innova Crysta receives an overwhelming response from the market; Receives close to 20,000 bookings within a month of its launch in India

Bangalore, May 31st 2016 – In the month of May 2016, Toyota Kirloskar Motor sold a total of 12,200 units in the domestic market thereby registering a growth of 6% when compared to the same period last year. The company exported 990 units of the Etios series this month.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor had sold 11,511 units in the domestic market and exported 1,448 units of the Etios series in May 2015. The company registered a 2% overall growth in sales in May 2016 when compared to the corresponding period last year.

The recently introduced Innova Crysta which was launched in May, received a very good response from the market. Within a month, the Innova Crysta has received close to 20,000 booking orders with a waiting period of 2-4 months across India.

The Toyota Etios and Toyota Liva have also registered 6% and 9% growth respectively in May 2016 when compared to the same period last year. The Etios, that is equipped with 2 airbags and 2 pretensioners for highest level of protection during incidents, was awarded 4 star rating in frontal adult passenger protection and two stars in child occupant protection reiterates TMK’s persistent campaign for road safety.

The Toyota Camry continues its growth spree and 90% of it is contributed by the Camry Hybrid. The Camry has clocked a growth of 63% when compared to the corresponding period last year

Commenting on the monthly sales, Mr. N. Raja, Director & Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “We launched the Innova Crysta this month and have received an overwhelming response from our customers. The Innova Crysta has already received close to 20,000 booking orders within a month of its launch. We would like to thank our customers for placing their trust in our products.

However, we keenly look forward to a favorable decision on the ban of registration of diesel vehicles above 2000cc in NCR which has been affecting the legitimate interests of TKM and its dealers in NCR. We along with a couple of other industry players are the only ones affected. This has been affecting our sales over the last six months and we are hopeful that the Hon’ble Supreme Court will consider our pleadings and lift the ban,” concluded Mr. N. Raja.

Overview of TKM
Company name Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited
Equity participation TMC: 89%, Kirloskar Group: 11%
Number of employees Approx. 7, 000 +
Land area Approx. 432 acres (approx.1,700,000 m2)
Building area 74,000 m2
Total Installed Production capacity Upto 3,10,000 units

Overview of TKM 1st Plant:
Established October 1997 (start of production: December 1999)
Location Bidadi
Products Innova, Fortuner manufactured in India.
Prado, Land Cruiser and Prius imported as CBUs.
Installed Production capacity Upto 1,00,000 units

Overview of TKM 2nd Plant:

Start of Production December 2010
Location On the site of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited, Bidadi
Products Corolla Altis, Etios, Etios Liva, Etios Cross, Camry & Camry Hybrid
Installed Production capacity Upto 2,10,000 units

Philips launches health and wellness innovations at the Philips India Innovation Experience 2016



Introduces two new Air Purifier models and the Children’s Respiration Monitor

Launches the Fetal Heart Rate Monitor,sleep aid devices and e-alert System


Bengaluru, India –Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) today introduced a range of innovations for healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and homecare at the 4th edition of the Philips India Innovation Experience in Bengaluru. Products launched include the Children’s Respiration Monitor, the Air Purifier Series 3000 and Air Purifier Series 6000, the Fetal Heart Rate Monitor, the Dream series of sleeping aids, and the e-alert System .Both the Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and the Children’s Respiration Monitor have been developed at Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) in Bengaluru while the e-alert system has been developed at Philips Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) in Pune. These products will be manufactured at HIC.


Key products launched today:

§  Air Purifier Series 3000 – for improving indoor air quality in home environments

§  Air Purifier Series 6000 – for improving air quality in challenging indoor environments (hospitals, restaurants etc.)

§  Children’s Respiration Monitor – for diagnosing pneumonia in children

§  Fetal Heart Rate Monitor – for monitoring the health of foetuses

§  Dream series – sleeping aids for sleep apnea patients

§  e-alert – proactive, sensor-based solution for virtually monitoring the health ofimaging systems

The launch of these products is in line with the strategic direction of Philips which will drive the convergence of professional healthcare and consumer health across the healthcare cycle from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care.


The products launched will enable Philips to offer solutions at every stage of the healthcare cycle –the Air Purifiers aid in healthy living by improving the quality of indoor air while the Children’s Respiration Monitor and the Fetal Heart Rate Monitor diagnose pneumonia in children and monitor the wellbeing of the foetus’ heart respectively. The Dream series is an effective sleep therapy for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea while products for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder enable home care for chronically ill patients, thereby freeing up hospital beds for acute cases.While the Air Purifiers are a global innovation being introduced in India to meet the increasing need for clean air, the other products have been designed and developed at the Philips Innovation Campus in Bengaluru.


“We are today confronted by the challenges of chronic and life-style related diseases which call for a new approach to healthcare. This new approach must cover all aspects of consumer and patient needs – from prevention and treatment to home care – by employing a holistic approach towards care and healthy living” said V. Raja, Vice-Chairman and MD, Philips India.


“We have always been driven by innovation to introduce meaningful solutions that enable access to affordable healthcare. In keeping with our global mission to improve the lives of 3 billionpeople a year by 2025, the Philips Innovation Campus in Bengaluru remains focused on disruptive innovations to deliver solutions that address some of the outstanding challenges facing us today” said Srinivas Prasad, CEO, Philips Innovation Campus.


With an overall focus on developing local solutions for local and global markets, Philips has been steadily increasing its manufacturing capabilities in India over the years and currently 50% of its Personal Health portfolio is being manufactured in India. The highly successful Air Purifier will also be manufactured in India in the next 2-3 years. Preethi, one of Philips’ brands and among the most respected Kitchen Applicance brands in the country offers a portfolio which is completely manufactured in India.The Philips Healthcare Innovation Centre in Pune currently manufactures interventional and diagnostic imaging solutions for both local and global markets.  As a global MNC with extensive local manufacturing capabilities, Philips remains committed to the government’s vision for Make in India.


Productsand solutions unveiled at the event included:


Dream Series – Philips’ sleep therapy portfolio connects the provider and the patient at the most important points in the health continuum, from diagnosis to compliance and ongoing use and resupply. Philips introduced the new, fully integrated, patient-centric sleep therapy solution featuring a connected positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy device, complementary mask line, and engagement tools to improve care for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. The Dream Family integrated solution includes the DreamStation PAP device andDreamWear mask.


Dream Station Auto CPAP:DreamStation positive airway pressure (PAP) sleep therapy devices are designed to be as comfortable and easy to experience as sleep is intended to be. Connecting patients and care teams, DreamStation devices empower users to embrace their care with confidence, and enable care teams to practice efficient and effective patient management. DreamStation offers exceptional comfort, intelligent monitoring, motivation and feedback, and seamless connectivity to the care team for proven clinical care and effortless patient management. The RespironicsDreamStation Auto CPAP comes in two models with SD card and without SD Card.


DreamWear:  It is an under the nose nasal mask. DreamWear’s unique design offers many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks to allow patients to have the best of both mask types. Allowing more freedom of movement and more comfort than their prescribed mask, DreamWear patients feel like they are not wearing a mask at all.


The top of head connection of the device allows patient the freedom to move. The Under the nose nasal cushion prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge. The cushion comes in four sizes Small, medium, large and medium wide. The Fit Pack includes all 4 cushion sizes (S, M, L, MW) and 1 medium sized frame.


Children’s Respiration Monitor

In support of the fight against child mortality as a result of pneumonia, Philips has developed an affordable respiration monitor that automatically and accurately measures the breath rate of a child under the age of 5. The Philips Children’s respiration monitor has been specifically designed for use in low resource areas. Making it power independent and robust so
it withstands and can operate in harsh conditions.
It’s clinical decision support functionality provides instant feedback, to support the care provider in determining a correct diagnosis, clearly indicating the risk of fast-breathing rate of the child, based on the WHO IMCI guidelines.


Philips Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Philips Fetal Heart Rate monitor is a robust, portable, power-independent monitor. It has built-in batteries that provide up to 10hours of use and when no mains supply is available is available, cranking the wind-up handle for 1min provides power up to 10mins of operation. What more, the robust outer casing makes it ideal for usage in remote and rural areas. A built-in loudspeaker helps the operator hear the heart rate while the display screen indicates detectable heartbeat, beats per minute and low battery indication. As a result one can quickly identify any abnormal fetal heart activity and take prompt action.Combined with the Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring (MOM) software, the Fetal Doppler provides rural health workers with a never before reach to extend pregnancy care to women in towns and cities in the hinterland. Light, robust and easy to use, the power independent nature of the device is an enormous advantage for health workers in rural and tier-2 markets.


Philips e-alert System:

The Philips e-alert is a proactive, sensor-based way to enhance uptime. It is an intelligent hardware- or software-based tool that keeps a close virtual eye on your imaging solutions. Using powerful sensor technology, it continuously monitors all key parameters of the client’s MRI systems – and issues an automatic alert if something is amiss. To ensure MRI systems can deliver the quality, efficiency, and uptime needed, critical parameters – such as cooled water supply, helium level and humidity – must be just right. Achieving the ideal balance of these environmental factors is key to optimum system performance. Insight into these metrics and knowing when and how to respond if an issue arises are essential to maintaining uptime, improving efficiency, and reducing maintenance cost and effort. This proactive approach supports the collaboration between the healthcare provider and Philips to respond quickly, helping to identify and eliminate issues before they can impact operations.


Philips Air Purifier Series 3000:

The new Philips Air Purifier Series 3000 is an innovative extension to the existing air purifier portfolio which offers world-class Aerasense technology, respiratory particle feedback, a special allergen mode, new filters, improved airflow and an Aerodynamic design. The Philips Air Purifier Series 3000 provides most accurate real-time PM 2.5 feedbackwhich helps you to monitor and  the air quality. A first in the industry, Philips’ Aerasense technology helps detect PM2.5 and common airborne allergens with high accuracy that can be benchmarked with 15K Euro Professional sensor. It also has a special allergen mode, extremely effective in removing most common allergies. The new NanoProtectTM S3 filters remove 99.97% airborne allergens, have a bigger capacity and offer all round protection from fine particles, harmful gases, odor and must bacteria and viruses. Providing the most accurate real-time indoor air quality count (PM2.5) which helps you control the air quality, Philips India has designed the new Philips Air Purifier 3000 to meet the requirements of today’s pollution riddled lifestyle.


Philips Air Purifier Series 6000:

The latest Philips Air Purifier Series 6000 is a heavy duty air purifier designed for larger spaces. Indoor air pollution is not only a problem for homes, rather it affects any enclosed space. The air condition in most large spaces like offices, restaurants and not to mention places like hospitals where the allergens and microbes are present in abundance, have more inflow of pollutants; hence need a more powerful solution.  The Philips Air Purifier 6000 with its with Vitashield IPS, TwinForce aerodynamics design and cutting edge Aerasense technology with real time numerical feedback, delivers superior purification against pollution and common allergens. Its TwinForce aerodynamics design effectively doubles its capacity to clean air, making it suitable for larger spaces. It also provides cleaner air with up to 8 times less chance of error in indicating air quality level is safe, compared to today’s industry commonly used Infrared LED sensor with the Aerasense technology. The upgraded VitaShield technology effectively removes particles as small as 20 Nanometers (more than 100 times smaller than upper limit of PM2.5), including common allergens, bacteria and some viruses. It is a powerful and highly effective solution for commercial spaces that have a high inflow of pathogens and allergens and are most susceptible to damage due to indoor air pollution.

IDE hosts 7th Edition Hotelier Summit, India and 2nd Edition Hospitality Leaders’ Industry Choice Awards

Mumbai, May 31, 2016:  Currently growing at an extremely fast pace, the hospitality industry is considered as one of the most profitable industries, making a significant contribution to the foreign exchange earnings of the economy. The size of the Indian hospitality sector is considered as a sum of market share of two segments, namely the revenue from the travel businesses and that from the hotel businesses.  While the sector saw 11.7% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the period 2011-12 to 2014-15, the sector witnessed a demand-supply mismatch thereafter, leading to a major slump in growth.  The future, however, looks bright.
The Hotel industry which largely thrives on the growth of tourism and travel is expected to experience robust growth in 2016. With the governments’ impetus on reforms to improve tourism including initiatives like e-visa, Incredible India and Atithi Devo Bhava coupled with rising disposable incomes; the tourism industry is all set for an upsurge in growth.  In fact, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India has potential to become the world’s number one tourist destination with demand growing at 10.1% per annum.
In the long term, this scenario of an increased number of tourists which is not supported with an equal number of rooms, is an opportunity that needs to be capitalized upon.  It is, therefore, imperative that the hoteliers and solution providers understand and utilize this opportunity and adapt themselves to the needs of the hour. 
In this juncture, IDE’s Hotelier Summit – India, the ideal one stop B2B platform for the hospitality professionals of the country is a much needed catalyst. With its 360 degree approach towards the hospitality industry and its development, the summit is a critical facilitator making it one of the most sought after business meets by the hospitality fraternity in India.  “Key decision makers from all spheres of the hospitality industry are part of this summit resulting in fruitful interactions, negotiations and closures”, says Basil C Massey, Director Procurement at Duet India Hotels
“It provides a unique result oriented platform that facilitates crucial face to face meetings, strategic networking activities and effective information exchange amongst key stakeholders of the industry including hotel owners, operators, developers, architects, interior designers and service providers” says Ganesh Babu, Director of IDE Consulting Services.
This year’s edition of the Hotelier summit would again have eminent speakers and leaders from the industry set to share the story behind the most successful hotel projects.“It is indeed the perfect platform that channelizes vital information exchange which goes a long way in enhancing business and productivity” says Ar Khozema Chitalwala, Principal Architect at Designers Group
The summit will see participation from close to 85 Suppliers and over 120 Buying Companies.  “This years’ summit promises to be an insightful one with multidisciplinary panel discussions handled by experts in the respective domains.  The discussions are expected to be holistic and would comprehensively cover all aspects starting from hotel concept to design planning, development and final execution” says Madhu Chandhok, Founder and Director PIP2020.
The highlight of the summit is the 2nd Edition Hospitality Leaders’ Industry Choice Awards.  Decided by the hospitality fraternity professionals themselves, awards will be present in a total of 13 categories for buyers and 4 categories for suppliers.  The much awaited event that would recognize and celebrate the stalwart performers of the industry promises to be an exciting one.
Voting is currently on and is progressing in full swing.  As of today, we have received a whopping 40,000 votes! A black tie affair, these awards are expected to honor the best of the best in the field of hospitality.  The much awaited event that would recognize and celebrate the stalwart performers of the industry promises to be an exciting one indeed. 

About IDE Consulting Services
As one of the emerging leaders in the B2B realm, IDE is committed to creating value for each and every client by delivering remarkable experiences that build businesses. Arm your Sales team with IDE, and they will never run into a cold deal again! Backed by years of experience in the industry, IDE has formulated the ultimate sales platform which is focused on bringing best-in-class buyers and sellers together in an exclusive and captivating environment to do business. All buyers and Sellers are extensively pre-qualified and confirmed based on our diligent criteria as the ultimate decision maker for their division.
An interactive conference agenda, pre-scheduled Face to Face meetings and five-star networking activities make up the critical mix of our unique events to ascertain an ideal podium to do business.

MAAC organizes Walkathon on World No Tobacco Day







Over 400 students and their families raise awareness on the ill-effects of tobacco by marching from MG Road to Freedom Park

Bengaluru, May 31, 2016: On the World No Smoking Day, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)—the leader in animation, VFX, multimedia and gamingorganized a walkathon to raise awareness on the ill-effects of tobacco. Over 400 students, their families and anti-tobacco advocates marched from MG Road Metro Station to Freedom Park.

Smoking kills over one million people in India annually and is the fourth leading cause of non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancer and heart diseases, which account for 53 per cent of all deaths in India. Moreover, according to the recent data on cigarette consumption in India by the Ministry of Health found that while the population of tobacco users has been declining slowly, the number of women smokers has seen a surge. India is now home to the second largest number of female smokers after the United States.

Though Karnataka has a lower tobacco consumption rate than the national average of 35 per cent, a recent survey conducted by the Union Health Ministry revealed that the average age of a person using tobacco in the state is less than 19 years.

During the walkathon, the students also actively informed people about passive smoking. The experts estimate over 10 per cent of tobacco related deaths is caused due to passive smoking. A person who smokes heavily indoors creates a low-lying smoke cloud that other householders have no choice but to breathe. This means that when a parent smokes indoor, the other members of the family are also exposed to compounds such as ammonia, Sulphur  and formaldehyde present in the smoke exhaled that  irritates eyes, nose, throat and lungs and may lead to serious health hazard.

Mr. Shajan Samuel, Sr. Vice President, MAAC, said, “Globally, smoking and tobacco use is declining. Despite initiatives from the government to curb tobacco use, reports suggest that there are still gaps to be filled. During the march we realized that many people still are unaware about the effects of passive smoking. The fight against tobacco use is an important campaign to which we all should contribute. MAAC students have always taken up issues strongly and contributed to the causes — be it animation films on road safety, street festival on autism or free stress management workshop for Bangalore Traffic Inspectors.”

About MAAC:

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is India’s leading educator in high-end 3D Animation and Visual Effects. Founded in 2001 & a major brand of Aptech Ltd, MAAC has trained over 30000 students across the country. It has over 80 centres with cutting-edge infrastructure in over 40 cities.

MAAC offers industry relevant Career courses on 3D Animation & Visual Effects. It offers Real-life training environment to the students backed by an excellent faculty, infrastructure, and the latest technical educational tools.

MAAC’s students are placed as Modeling Artists, Lighting Artist, Render Artist, Character Animator, Layout Artist , Digital Sculptor, Rigging Artist, FX Artist, Roto Artist, Match Mover, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Compositors, Visualizes, Content Developers and Pre and Post Production executives in blue chip animation studios and entertainment companies like Prime Focus, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Crest Animation Studios, BIG Animation, Cornershop, EFX, Toonz Animation, DQ Entertainment, Paprikaas Animation Studios,  NDTV, Studio 9, Redchillies.VFX, Vaibhav Studios, IBN7, Animax, Pixion and Tata Elxsi Ltd. to name a few.